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The Rhode Island CEO Council

An Exclusive Consortium of CEOs Building a Stronger Rhode Island

— Membership Details —


Chief Executives Only  •  Peers Participating with Peers   •  No Substitutes Permitted

Because Two or More CEO Brains are More Powerful than One CEO Brain:

 • Rhode Island CEO Council members build high-value relationships, engage in honest, off-the-record conversations with equals, gain key insights & knowledge, accelerate their organization's growth & profitability, help other businesses grow, and influence the future path of the State of Rhode Island.

 • The Rhode Island CEO Council brings the chief executives of Rhode Island employers together in a uniquely safe, off the record, and confidential environment where they can discuss strategic challenges and important decisions. Members come together with the understanding that in exchange for their willingness to share their experience and knowledge in confidence, they gain access to the collective wisdom of their peers.

Membership Requirements:

 • All members are the top executive in their organization and hold the title: President, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Managing Director, Managing Partner, Owner, etc. or the top Rhode Island executive of an out-of-state company who has P&L responsible for a Rhode Island workforce.

 • Member organizations may be public, private, family-owned, non-profit, or government entities.

 • Member organizations may have a large workforce of thousands of employees, a midsize workforce with over a hundred employees, or a small workforce with a minimum of ten full-time employees.

Membership Levels:

Engage Accel — Membership Benefits —
– Engage primarily with peers—chief executives who lead a similar-sized workforce
– Reserved seat in all CEO Exchanges, CEO Briefings, CEO Forums, & CEO Summits (total of 7 per year)
– Winter Social, Summer Social, and Fall Social (significant others welcome) – fine food, beverages, conversations,, etc. at great venues
– Full access to the Member Directory and the Resource Directory (available in 2023)
– Complimentary membership in the Boston CEO Council – attend meetings & events as a member (in late fall)
  – Membership in a CEO Board—a curated, professionally facilitated, private peer advisory group of six to ten peer-level chief executives who lead non-competing organizations with a similar-sized workforce
  – Engage regularly in confidential, facilitated DeepDive exercises with peer-level chief executives—receive unbiased ideas, advice, trusted resources, and the wisdom you need to address your biggest strategic challenges and make the best possible decisions for your organization
  – Receive priority access to reservations at our annual CEO Retreat (held at a premier warm destination resort in winter, with a limited number of participants)

Membership Investment:

1–Enrollment Fee: $1,980 (a one-time onboarding/initiation fee paid by all new members)

2–Engage-Level Membership Dues (based on workforce size and membership level):

Small Workforce
10 to 99 employees
Medium Workforce
100 to 999 employees
Large Workforce
1,000 or more employees
monthly or annual     monthly or annual     monthly or annual    
$165 | $1,980 $220 | $2,640 $275 | $3,300

3–Accel-Level Membership (optional) additional Dues: $440 per month  or  $5,280 per year

* Qualified 501c3 Nonprofits may request a grant that pays $660 toward the Enrollment Fee, $55/month (or $660/year) of Engage-Level Membership Dues, and $165/month of the additional Accel-Level Membership Dues.

Dues Payment Options:

 • Membership Dues may be paid monthly by credit card or annually by check or credit card, etc.

 • The Enrollment Fee plus First Month Dues or Annual Dues payment is processed for when your membership application is approved.

 • Recurring Monthly Membership Dues are processed on the first of each month starting the month after the new member comes to their first meeting. The additional Accel Monthly Membership Dues charge will not begin until the month after the member's first CEO Peer Board meeting.

 • If you choose to pay annual dues and are not able to attend the first two or three meetings after you join, your 12-months of paid membership period will begin on the month that you attend your first meeting.

Optional Expense:

 • Accel-Level members agree to host their CEO Peer Board meeting at their expense on a regular basis, in rotation with the other members of their CEO Peer Board. CEO Peer Board meetings are typically hosted at each member's business or a location acceptable to all CEO Peer Board members.

 • CEO Retreat costs & expense are not included in the membership dues and paid for by attendees.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

 • If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of your experience or the value you are receiving, you may cancel your membership with thirty days written notice.

 • We ask CEO Peer Board members (as a courtesy to their peers) to present their resignation to the members of their CEO Peer Board before ending their membership

 • Any new member who attends three CEO Events or three CEO Peer Board meetings and is not satisfied with the quality and value of their membership may submit a letter of resignation with an explanation of the cause of their dissatisfaction and they will receive a full refund of their enrollment fee and all prepaid dues within 45 days of receipt of their resignation letter.


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— Established in 2006 —

(originally founded as the Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island)

— An exclusive and powerful consortium of chief executives who help each other take their business and Rhode Island to the next level —

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