The Rhode Island CEO Council

An Exclusive Consortium of CEOs Building a Stronger Rhode Island

Member Experience

Chief Executives Only  •  Peers Participating with Peers   •  No Substitutes Permitted

Rhode Island CEO Council members build important relationships, engage in honest,
off-the-record conversations with equals, and influence the path forward for their business,
other businesses, and the state of Rhode Island.

— Member Benefits —

CEO Exchanges, CEO Briefings, Annual Rhode Island CEO Summits, Member Socials, Peer Advisory Boards, and Invaluable Peer-to-Peer Conversations

RI CEO Exchanges

120 min | 7:00-9:00am | 5 per year


Leadership Thinking & Best Practices

Listen to probing interviews and gain insight into how renowned CEOs and thought leaders think. Connect with your peers and discuss the challenges you all share. Then engage in a Q&A with our guest CEO. Receive the high-value ideas and break-through insights you need to make the best decisions. Learn More

Peer Advisory Boards

Accel Membership Required | monthly


Accelerate Sales, Revenue & Profits

Join an Accel Advisory Board and dive deep into the high-impact decisions that you and a curated group of your peers are facing. Share knowledge, experience, ideas and advice. Receive the clarity and unbiased advice you need to make the best possible decisions and achieve the results you want in less time. Learn More

Annual CEO Summit

170 minutes | 7:00-9:50am | 1 per year


Be Prepared for What's Coming

Join an annual gathering of chief executives only. Learn what challenges top experts believe are coming and how best to gain competitive advantage. Engage in an in-depth discussion with you peers—those who lead similar sized workforces—learn what they are facing, thinking, doing, & planning.

CEO Briefings

120 minutes | 7:00-9:00am | 1 per year


Better Navigate the Unexpected

Participate in timely briefings about unexpected economic and market changes that may significantly impact your business. Gain strategically important insights about potential risks and opportunities. Receive advice from subject-matter experts and moderated member discussions.

CEO Connections

Fine Foods, Beverages, & Conversations | 2/3 per year


Relax and Relate

Unwind and connect with other Rhode Island CEOs (and their significant others) in a private setting away from public scrutiny, where you can enjoy open conversations with others who share common CEO-life experiences.

Member Directory

Members Only | Online Access


Connect Directly with Peers

Member-only online access to other members' contact information. Used only for private peer-to-peer conversations.

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The Rhode Island CEO Council

Charting the path forward for RI business, RI policy, and the RI Economy

— Established in 2006 —

(originally founded as the Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island)

— An exclusive and powerful consortium of chief executives who help each other take their business and Rhode Island to the next level —

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