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Robert E. Fiske

Robert Fiske

Real leaders talk openly about their failures. They never hide from them, because they know that’s where the best learning comes from. *

—Robert E. Fiske

 * As quoted in the book Real Influence by Mark Goulston M.D. and Dr. John Ullmen.

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Robert’s passion is to make Rhode Island and the world a better place by bringing chief executives together to share peer knowledge and experience and increase each chief executive's leadership performance, so they can achieve even better results and legacy they desire — because better leadership means better workplaces with happier, healthier and more engage employees, customers, and vendors, which ultimately has a significant positive impact on the state's economy and everyone living in the communities where the business operates.

Robert also acts as a confidant and provides non-judgmental support to chief executives facing a significant unexpected challenge or life crisis.

Robert's professional experience includes:

Over 25 years experience creating and leading highly-valued CEO meetings & events.

Over 16 years experience leading membership organizations for the CEOs of small, midmarket, large, and Fortune 500 enterprises that are privately-held, public, family-owned, and nonprofit.

Prior to founding and leading the Rhode Island CEO Council, Robert served as:

Founder & CEO of the Rhode Island CEO Council

Founder & CEO of the Chief Executives Guild (CEO Guild)

Founder & CEO of the Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island

Market Development executive at Vistage International, a global CEO peer advisory company

Managing Partner, C&F Ltd, a national communications & corporate events company

Fortune 500 Executive – Head of Hewlett Packard's global CxO sales development events

Creator and Director of the 1995 and 2000 World Business Leader Forums

Founder & CEO of DataSolutions International, Inc.,, a enterprise software company

Robert is also the creator of the L² CEO Coaching methodology, training, and certification process.

Chief executives praise Robert for understanding what CEOs need and creating programs & services for CEOs that deliver exceptional value and consistently exceed expectations.


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